Naples (NA)

One of the largest and most enchanting cities of art in the Mediterranean. In addition to its beautiful landscapes, it owes its deserved fame to the charm of the historic center, included in 1995 in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Santa Maria di Castellabate (SA)

A peaceful fishing village overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the most authentic heart of Cilento.

Paestum (SA)

A magna-greek archaeological site of inestimable value, which returns to the public the eternal charm of ancient Poseidonia and its majestic temples.

Sapri (SA)

The city of the Spigolatrice which frames the small bay of the Gulf of Policastro, a favorite destination for sea lovers.

Infreschi Bay (SA)

A marine protected area rich in landscape and environmental charm, characterized by small beaches, hidden caves and ruins of coastal towers.

Castle of Torraca (SA)

Built in the sixteenth century on the ruins of a defensive manor of the early Middle Ages, has preserved unchanged over time all its majesty.

“Capelli di Venere” Waterfalls (SA)

The suggestive strength of the Bussento river, that in Casaletto Spartano enchants travelers from all over the world.

Maratea (PZ)

A magnificent tourist resort in Basilicata with a panoramic position, famous for its statue of Christ the Redeemer – second in size only to the one in Rio de Janeiro!

Policastro (SA)

The village that gives its name to the Gulf on which it stands attracts visitors, especially in summer, due to the quality of its water, its rural surroundings and a good rail link.

Bosco (SA)

Delightful hamlet of lower Cilento, among other things it features the Country House Il Rifugio del Contadino and the house-museum of the painter José Ortega.

Pianoro di Ciolandrea (SA)

A natural terrace with a breathtaking view, overlooking the marine protected area of the coast of Scario.

Pietrasanta Sanctuary (SA)

Solemn and majestic, it stands in the midst of unspoiled nature. For an hour of spiritual peace and serenity.

“Il Rifugio del Contadino” (SA)

Food, art, hospitality and territory. Cesare and Isabella’s Country House is located in Bosco di San Giovanni a Piro, in the heart of lower Cilento.

“Oasi Infreschi” Farm (SA)

A small paradise overlooking the sea, where you can taste typical Mediterranean recipes prepared with local organic products.

Tortorella (SA)

A small village nestled on a hill, sunny and cosy. A place of peace and carefree, where time slows down.

Scario (SA)

A gem on the sea, well-known for the beaches of the marine protected area of Infreschi and Masseta.

Tortora (CS)

The first municipality of north-western Calabria, on the border with Basilicata, very important for seaside tourism.

Diamante (CS)

On the Mediterranean coast of Calabria, Diamante sparkles like the gem it’s named for.

Matera (MT)

An enchanting crib set in the Lucanian rock, with an ancestral history. Known worldwide for its Sassi, in 2019 Matera was elected European Capital of Culture.

Procida (NA)

A beautiful island that offers travelers two ports and a hillside village with medieval walls, as well as a charming panorama of colorful houses. Elected Italian Capital of Culture for 2022.